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Apr. 20th, 2009

Cayman Islands

Wedding Ideas to share "the weath of love"!

So I thought of this neat idea to make it a little bit cheaper to set up "cloth tables" instead of worrying about paying for rental and $100 non-refundable deposit why not go get material from Walmart or JoAnne's and just kind of fluff the edges under the tables and criss-cross the black and crimson on top of the white. And that's when I wondered what am I going to do with all that fabric after wards! So I came up with an AWESOME IDEA!!! I'm going to make hand bags (after washing the linens of course) and donate them to the women's shelter so that way I can spread "the wealth of love" and I'm going to make my girls in my line help me fix them up and deliver them!

 Another condition that's helping lighten my load is everyone has to cut up some finger foods! I compared prices of "us" buying the food @ Sam's vs. a caterer and I can save on avg. around $250 dollars just for cutting up veggies, fruits, meats and cheeses.

Apr. 6th, 2009

Wedding Dress

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Anyone who wants to know how to embed a pic on here all you have to do is post like you normally would and there's an option right below the subject line that'll add a photo! Congrats to everyone!

Mar. 26th, 2009

Cayman Islands

Stepping up to the plate!

So this weekend coming up all my girls are going to be there so that we can get everything finalized on the dresses and get a final check on "any attitudes".  I can't believe that the wedding is only 7mo and 11 days a way! Hey! To me that's soon! For some one who is going to med school and plan a wedding that is a short amount of time!  I'm going to be so relieved when I know that we can actually go on our honeymoon and get this walking down the isle thing in action!

 Lucky for me I'm on my last 4 wks of lecture time then going out there for my internship for 20 days and then I'm done! It's nerve racking though being on the last "mod" I don't have a clue where to start looking for a site, I mean, I put in a couple of references and according to my school, they haven't heard anything back from 12 sites, NOTHING! Yah, looks like I'm about to have to present myself to an intern site and catch a fish that way. Sometimes I wonder about these "Site Assistants"  3 girls said that they got to their sites and found out it was a place where all sorts of interns came and they didn't hire any of them! One of the girls tried to contact the SA and tell her about the site and the SA told her to handle it (according to her). So I'm going to do a little bit more in order to assure that my extern (regardless of IF I get hired there) will be a credible place that will secure something in my future!

Jan. 13th, 2009

Cayman Islands

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 Rest in Peace Heath Ledger!
Congrats on the awards this and last week! Eventhough you weren't there to accept them or be apart of the crowd you have touched our hearts with your tallent!

Jan. 1st, 2009

Cayman Islands


 This will be the year that rocks harder than the last!!!

I'm very proud of myself! Last night I had mere sips of "Texas Blonde" Beer and decided to keep the Champange for later so that I could drive my Jace and Zook home safley and if there were a road block or  I were to get pulled over I wouldn't put my edcuation and them in any danger!!

Hopefully this year I'll be able to complete these basic goals of mine:

#1 TONE my body up (maybe I can get a lot more accomplished if I stick to that!)

#2 OFFICALLY QUIT SMOKING!!! (reminding me of the field I have entered if not for anything else) 

#3 taking PERSONAL time for me EVERYDAY! (metitating while locking the door)

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and wish the best to those who are setting goals too!

Loves and Prayers gotta take Jace to Walmart (His mom burned the black eye peas!)


Dec. 12th, 2008

Cayman Islands

2nd day of 4 day weekend!

 I'm very proud of myself! Yesterday I got a lot of junk moved out of our bedroom and now Jace doesn't have to climb over a jungle gym to get to his side of the bed! Unfortunately, my side is still that way! It's just amazing what people keep in thier room and when you take over with your stuff... yah! Incase you don't know, my grandmother is giving Jace and I her house for rent to own and it's an amazing house in a nice neighborhood! After my grandaddy was admitted to the hospital, I went to go live with her to make sure that she sticks to her daily needs while dealing with all the mess. Shortly before my grandaddy passed away she decided that she just wanted to move into an apartment so that she doesn't have to care for the house's needs and that's why we're getting it! With that she also doesn't want 90% of the furniture and junk (and I say that mildly) so we now have 7 of everything it seems! Trust me when I say, "i'm counting my blessings" on some of the things, others I simply don't know what to do with!  I guess we'll just have a garage sale after she moves out. If anyone needs anything such as 2 regular sized desks or bookshelves, etc. just let me know and I'll sell it for a reasonable price before I start putting some of the stuff in the ads. I also got the den complete. Now all we have to do is get some Christmas decorations and fix up the place before the Holidays are over, we figure since we're getting them set up around this time instead of "Black Friday" like we normally do we'll just keep them up til about the end of January!  I'm excited about going shopping today! Hope everyone is going to like what I get them for Christmas! Gotta go! I hope everyone is doing well!  

Loves and Prayers!

Dec. 11th, 2008

Cayman Islands

The 1st Day of my 4 day weekend! Yeeeaaaahhh!

 Finally! Done with those stinky tests! I still don't understand the reason for studying 2 chapters, having the quiz and exam for them then the next day having the final exam over those plus six more chapters of vocabulary! Let's see, the shortest chapter of vocab was around 250 terms and it got up to in the mid 300's ! Needless to say after being sick w/ a severe cold and loosing my g-pop! I'm exhausted and happy to be off! Cross fingers everything weighs out right as far as my GPA. Haven't done too well on all of my test scores. Luckily the quizzes only count as 30% but the Exams count as 50% and that's where I can't mess up! Cross fingers and pray to GOD I don't get that call from my instructer! I hope everyone is doing good! I can't believe that x-mas is coming up this fast, it seems like it was just x-mas '07'!  Houston got snow, not flurries, snow last night! Hopefully if we get snow it'll just come and stick! Otherwise it just needs to pass us by in my opinion! To me it's easier driving on the stuff that sticks than it is on the stuff that doesn't then hardens into black ice! Had way too many adventures with that stuff! Hopefully we can get the decorations up this weekend! Z is coming this weekend (I believe) and I would like the boys to stay "busy!!!" and quiet while I rest up for the 1st day of the upper classes! Well, gotta go clean the house so that I can go play this weekend! Muuuhahaha! j/k!

Loves and Prayers!

Nov. 21st, 2008

Cayman Islands

The 1st Day

So this is a new experience for me! Trying to get into the hang of things. It's totally different from Myspace or Facebook. So for those of you out there that know me sorry, I love to type and not how to start one of these things!

Today was a good day I think, I went to school and took a test that I applied no study time to over the skeletal and muscular systems. I surprisingly should of made an 80 on it if it wasn't for the fact that I had to transfer my answers from the work book to the scan-tron I would of done so, instead, 15 of the questions were thrown off b/c I answered one too many, back tracked to one that I set aside to answer for later, and  referred to the scan-tron for the last number I was on and continued, hence not realizing I was off caused me to receive a 50 on the test. I was taking the corrected answers from the scan-tron and applying the questions to a study guide when I came across this discovery and reported it to my instructor. She said that she would show it to the Dean and see if maybe the grade will change do to that error. I was reminded that in the medical field I must double check my work before turning it into my boss and that's why they have the rule to not change things like this but since I had brought up the point of I'm given these tests to see how much I have learned not if I can fill out a scan-tron correctly is the only reason why she's presenting the argument to her boss. I understand what she means though. The Insurance Billing and Coding is one of the major backbone's to doctor's getting paid (and me!!!) so there's no real room for error like that when I'm out there. So if my grade still stays a 50 like I think it will then I'm okay with it having learned that piece of advice! I just will take longer making sure that the dumb - dumb answers are on the correct bubbles for the Exam on Monday and I'll just have to make a 90 +/- to make myself feel better and I'LL NEVER FORGET THE LESSON WHEN I GO OUT THERE FOR INTERNING OR WORKING!!!!

Just a note to everyone who applies! Yes, Jace and I will be down in Country Town for New Year's so you better give us a heads up on if you are coming! There will be BEER, Drinks, 4 wheeling, 2 Bands playing live, great company, maybe horseback riding, fires, fireworks (wars?!?!), good EATS!!!, good company, etc.